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Banzai allows you to teach
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It can be difficult to find useful and engaging programs to use in your classroom, especially when budgets don't allow for it. Here's a fresh idea: meaningful content using real-life scenarios that engages teenagers and doesn't cost a dime. That's Banzai.

Designed with
your class in mind.

No matter the subject, you need Banzai. It makes a great addition to your business, financial literacy, or family and consumer sciences course. You can build an entire course around it or use it to supplement other materials. Your choice.

Help them tackle real life
problems with Life Scenarios.

Help your students see life through an adult's eyes. Life Scenarios™ exposes them to real-life adult financial dilemmas. Whether it's navigating taxes or paying auto insurance, Banzai introduces your students to the real world.

Give your students a solution, for life.

Let's face it, chalkboards don't cut it anymore. Bringing variety into a subject helps keep students engaged, and that's when real learning takes place. Banzai includes interactive, online tools, as well as printed materials in order to keep students of all levels interested.

Grade an entire class in an instant.

You're a teacher, not a bookkeeper. Do what you love, Banzai does the rest. Lesson preparation and grading are a cinch because Banzai does the work for you.

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from anywhere, anytime.

No carrying disks, no deciphering installation instructions. Using Banzai is as simple as getting your email. Gain full access to the program anywhere you have a computer. Banzai is completely web-based so there is no need to install software on any computer ever.

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